Hear from students I've coached

Throughout my time training with Coach Spence at Penn State, I would definitely say that coach Spence training is one of the things that taught me structure and discipline in my adult life during and after college. He helped me test my limits when I didn’t think I could push myself further, and he stayed with me and motivated me every step of the way as one of my main supports away from home.
India McCoy
Collegiate training with Coach Spence was an unforgettable experience. Not only did it ground me into the woman I am today, but it gave me the opportunity to push through challenging situations. It gave me the strength and experience that I needed to build a strong foundation to accomplish many of my goals that I’ve accomplished today.
Bianca fung
Bianca Fung
Under Coach Spence’s guidance, I was able to compete, and be competitive as a division I athlete. I was in the best physical shape of my life; and I was strong. The weight program, paired with the track workouts pushed me beyond my limits and I was able to add 6 feet to my high school PR, in 4 years.
Tanaya Lloyd
When I started training with Coach Spence, I quickly noticed measurable improvements in my strength, speed, and agility. With Coach Spence curating workouts tailored to me and my event, I was able to build on this foundation of fitness throughout my four years in the Penn State Track & Field program. This foundation, combined with one-on-one technique-focused instruction, put me in an excellent position to achieve my goals as an elite high jumper, paving the way for my All-American finish at the Division I NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships.
Megan McCloskey
Coach Spence’s training took me from being a mediocre athlete in my state to being an NCAA All American. His training was tough but meticulously planned to make me the best possible athlete that I could be. He made me ten times better than I even thought I could become.
Clearance Smith
The training workouts provided by coach Spence helped me to achieve my goals as a high jumper by preparing me physically with intense preseason cardio and strength workouts. As training progresses throughout the year, I feel faster, more agile, and “springier” for high jump. I achieved many of my goals as a collegiate high jumper with these workouts over the past 5 years, one of which was jumping 6’-0”!
Alexa Parks
Coach Spence took me from a 45-46ft to 50+ jumper in just 1 year. My track career was plagued by nagging injuries, but he still managed to individualize my training to maximize every bit of my potential. I can still say I utilize the discipline and resilience taught under Coach’s training in my routine to this day.
Jay Pagana
Entering Penn State, I had only competed in 3 of the 7 events of the heptathlon. Coach Spence’s training program helped me to not only gain the skills to compete as a high level heptathlete, but also the understanding of each event to become a student of the sport. His ability to cover the fundamentals of speed and strength while also addressing the tedious technical details allowed me to earn 2 Big Ten Titles, 3 All-American titles, and the Penn State school record in the heptathlon. I competed in confidence at every opportunity in my career, including the 2021 Olympic Team Trials, knowing I had prepared with his intentional training structure. I could not be more thankful to have been an athlete or a coach with such outstanding commitment and expertise.
Maddie Holmberg Nickal
My first impression of Coach Spence was his approachable demeanor. His calming presence and communication skills were priceless in high pressure competitions. Personally, Coach Spence helped me develop my triple jump technique and reach new heights throughout my tenure. He was exceptionally interactive in our training regimen and wrote our strength and conditioning programs. Coach’s attention to detail, combined with his comprehensive programs, helped us earn a Silver Medal at the Big Ten Conference Championships. Furthermore, through an inspired run led by his coaching, we also participated in the NCAA National Championship meet, becoming Second Team All Americans. Most importantly, all these accomplishments culminated in the biggest prize of all, a Pennsylvania State University Degree. Coach Spence was always on hand with all my academic needs. He gave me the opportunity to be challenged mentally, physically, emotionally, and functionally. He would then instigate challenges by saying “Get comfortable, with being uncomfortable!”. A lighthearted joke at the time, but I can honestly say, these lessons remind me to always challenge myself through dedication and endurance in every aspect of my life. The skills gained from my time with Coach Spence are major contributors to my success today. I have no hesitation in recommending Coach Spence for his future endeavors. Thank you, Coach Spence, for your time and dedication!
Marlene Ricketts