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Beginning of HEAT

I’m Fritz! I started this business, after talking to athletes, parents and coaches who constantly ask for training workouts to train their athletes.

The good news is that you don't have to drive far to find a good coach.

Website Introduction

This training website is necessary for any athlete, parent, or coach. With over two decades of experience, coaching 17 of the 22 events, I have helped track and field athletes at all levels improve their overall fitness, maximizing their sprinting, jumping, and throwing technique as well as their overall performances. This website will allow parents, coaches, and athletes to have a better insight into training.

This information is for middle school, high school, and college athletes interested in getting detailed training instruction in the sport of Track and Field. Each athlete will learn specific warm-ups, daily detailed training in their event area, weight training workouts for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and specific cool down routines.

The training is designed to help each athlete be prepared to compete at their highest level during the indoor, outdoor, and summer seasons. Breakdowns include an introduction of each event, technical components, common errors, tips, and corrections. We will look at the physical components needed for success, and other vital information about training. Overall, this website is an introductory coaching resource, full of information presented in a simple-to-use format. And it is for everyone: from the seasoned college coaches to the part-time high school coach, to parents interested in training their daughter or son. If you are interested in daily track and field training workouts, this website is for you.

This information will help you understand how important training is for your athlete’s success. I wish this website had been available when I was training and competing as a collegiate athlete and during my first few years as a college coach. And the instructions are simple and easy to follow, a dramatic approach to improve training, overall fitness, and recovery that any parent or coach can follow daily. In track and field, having a step-by-step guide on training is an especially valuable tool an athlete, parent, or coach can have access to. This website will supply invaluable training tools for all athletes, parents, and coaches who have questions about how to train and improve their athlete’s overall performance.

I designed this website to give athletes the opportunity to improve overall performances and to achieve their goals and dreams. I can remember as a young athlete not having the opportunity to train at an elevated level. In my small town, there was no coach available to help with training and access to a website with this vital information. This made it more challenging and difficult for me to truly achieve my goals. During this time, it was also difficult to find books to read or watch videos on workouts, form, and technique for my sport. It would have been great to have a step-by-step training tool that I could follow daily.

After high school I entered junior college, despite not having a jump coach, I was still able to achieve, and become a 4 times All American athlete, I competed and represent my school at the indoor and outdoor NJCAA Championships. Due to my accomplishments, I earned myself a scholarship at a division one school.

At my division one school, I finally had a jump coach, who taught me the proper technique and how to train for my events. However, the damage from my prior lack of training was done already. I came with lots of bad technical habits and previous injuries. If I only had access to a website like this and the opportunity to have the proper coaching early in my career, I believe I would have been a more successful division one athlete. At my division one school, I was a 3 times conference champion, school record holder, and qualified for the NCAA championships. As a former athlete, and now a collegiate coach, I have called on my past experiences and knowledge, and applied that information to this website to give athletes, parents, and coaches, the opportunity to train a little smarter and much better.

If you follow the information on this website, you will no doubt enjoy the same accomplishments I have had over my long and successful career as an athlete and a collegiate coach.

I am entering my 17th season as an assistant coach at Penn State University. I have had the pleasure to have a few outstanding results in my career, overseeing 1 national champion, 2 runner-up national champions, 10 NCAA top 5 finishers, 30 All-Americans, 22 individual conference champions, 13 conference team titles, also contributed to 2 top 4 team finishes at the NCAA Championships (2008 and 2010) a Big Ten triple crown (2009 and 2010), and 5 times USATFCCA assistant coach of the year (high, long, and triple jumps/multi-events).

Every athlete’s goal is to get the most out of their training. This website will allow athletes training for competition to push their bodies while maximizing overall performance. A resolute athlete might put in hours of strenuous exercise to improve beyond base conditioning to develop strength and endurance. But intense, exhaustive exercise is only one aspect of an effective training program.

Successful athletes and their coaches know that it is impossible to train extremely hard on consecutive days for an extended period. This is especially true for track and field athletes. In my humble opinion, our bodies need approximately 24-36 hours to recover from strenuous training. During training, a “hard-easy” schedule, which incorporates easy days of less intense training, is an accepted part of every track and field workout plan. This website will help with both active recovery days and maximized workout days, while pushing the athlete’s body to its limit. For an athlete to reach his/her performance goals, it takes time and a great deal of patience. Athletes will not achieve consistent maximum performance without challenging work and perseverance.

The material on this website will prove to be effective as a review resource, and will also aid in educating athletes, parents, and coaches. This material should be used with each athlete’s particular style, body type, and personality in mind. It is imperative that the coach display patience and understanding with the athletes while coaching. This website is an effective training tool and essential resource for athletes’ parents and coaches. If an athlete wants to train and compete at a higher level, do not delay: – buy this valuable resource, and start training.


I am grateful to friends of mine; whose support helped make this website possible. Over the years, your encouragement and talks lead to the creation of this website. It was obvious after listening to you that it was time to give something back to our sport and help athletes improve their overall performance.

I would like to thank my best friend Antonio Green for his careful critiquing. My deepest gratitude goes out to all the athletes I have worked with over the past 24 years, who have given me the insight to look beyond “traditional information” and research to find the truth behind speed and power training for athletes. I am very indebted to the coaches who have expanded the frontiers of my knowledge of track and field training.

Above all, I am very thankful to have a wonderful wife, Teri, who understands the long hours it takes to design a website of this nature. She has always been there to support my efforts.

There are others, who have guided, advised, and supported me as I put this website together. I owe them all a debt of gratitude for helping me to produce a guide that will be helpful to you, my reader, and the athletes you will be working with every day.       

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